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Ecological awareness

We believe when planet is enriched, lives will also be enriched in return. We are committed to this strong vision - enrich planet, enrich lives through planting Gaharu trees. Gaharu resources from natural forest are depleting at an alarming rate due to overharvesting and encroachment activities. We wanted to, and saw the need to protect this precious species from extinction and to restore the health of our planet.

We are Passionate brings together and empowers people to take action while creating beautiful and resilient landscapes, strong and vibrant communities.

If the success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do, How would I be? What would I do?
R. Buckminster Fuller

Our Commitment

Where can we find Gaharu in the future? The answer lies in planting Gaharu producing trees today.

WHO IS ENRICHPLANET inspires and supports people from all walks of life to come together to plant and care for Gaharu trees. We unite with communities to grow a greener and shadier landscape either big scale or small scale plantation, or in around homes.



We work with volunteer leaders through empowering them, and we influence government agencies for a healthy, thriving Gaharu industry for the benefit of all involved. We are located in Borneo, home of the oldest rainforests in the world with abundance sunshine and rain, enriched biodiversity environment that provides trees with long term natural fertilizer to allow Gaharu tree grow in the most organic way.