Founder, Ngu Lee Hieng brings a lifelong love of the woods and decades of experience in forestry to the management and growth of Gaharu. As a dedicated team, we are passionate and focus on a holistic approach to cultivation of Gaharu from ground up to final product of essential oils.

Our work are guided by our profound belief & our vision in Enriching Planet, Enriching Lives. Enrichplanet.com is dedicated to improve people’s lives by helping communities protect, conserve, and manage the natural resources upon which their long-term well-being depends. We are committed in creating awareness of planting gaharu trees and we believe that our existence will help protect those wild and naturally form gaharu from extinction. We aim to develop and cultivate gaharu as alternative crop through natural innoculation methods and innovate to create sustainability of these trees without bringing harm to the environment.

We are dedicated to eco-efficiency and passionate in carrying out the planting activities with zero harm to the environment. We aren’t just hire people to join our group. But instead we are inviting them to join our vision in creating a greener environment for our future.



Enrich Planet, Enrich Lives



Enrich our planet and every life involved through sustainable Gaharu business model.



Gaharu is valued in many cultures for its distinctive fragrance, and has been widely used as an incense, as well as perfumes and its medicinal purposes.

Naturally wild form Gaharu usually occurs in the trunk and roots of trees that have been infected by parasitic ascomycetous mould, dark-walled like fungus. As a response, the tree produces resin high in volatile organic compounds that aids in suppressing or retarding the fungal growth, the resin dramatically increases the mass and density of the affected part of the tree, changing its color from pale beige to dark brown or black. These black solid lump produced a unique fragrant smell if burned and it’s highly priced because it has a great calming effect. This kind of calming effect produces by Gaharu has little or no substitute which makes Gaharu extremely expensive.

In the recent years, due to the growth in the population and affluence of Gaharu-consuming markets worldwide, the demand for Gaharu and overharvesting of wild Gaharu trees has risen considerably over the past 30 years leading to some Gaharu-producing species to extinction.

We strive to make Gaharu available through our natural innoculation methods and make it available at economically to the public and hope to prevent extinction to naturally form Gaharu in the wild.



With our carefully cultivated and organically innoculated trees, the whole tree can be used and none will be wasted. Here are some examples how the Gaharu trees can be used.

  1. Gaharu leaves can be used to produce tea leaves
  2. Gaharu parts – decoration items (small craving or Buddhist figures), woodchips, traditional Chinese medicine, incense and gaharu oil extraction.
  3. Gaharu wood waste likes sawdust from gaharu oil extraction – used in production of incense or sawdust that can be burned directly.
  4. Gaharu roots – turn it into decorative and artistic items



Malaysia is a country that is evergreen and has very high biodiversity in its environment. Thus, it also comes with higher diversity of grasses, insects and fungi attacks. The usual common practises to overcome these challenges currently is by form of chemicals such as herbicide, insecticide or fungicide and researches have shown that using of chemicals in our environment will bring harms to either plants or humans in long term.

In our plantation, we shift from the use of chemicals to environment friendly way and to treat these challenges organically. For example, to overcome the challenges of insect and fungi attack, we used Neem oil extracted from Neem trees and application of Bacillus thuringiensis respectively.



Many years ago, Mr. Ngu gets to know this unique and aromatic gaharu oil through his friend. He is deeply impressed by this refreshing, energy lifting and mind calming gaharu oil since then.

By chance, Mr. Ngu surprisingly found out later that in the forest development area that he is involved with has a lot of gaharu trees. Due to the fast growing plantation activities within the area, these wild gaharu trees are facing huge survival crisis. This discovery gave Mr. Ngu a great inspiration and he realized that he needs to put in some action to protect these precious trees in the wild.

Ever since then, he put in a lot of effort to understand more about gaharu industry and its market potential. As he explores along, he found out that gaharu plantation not only can benefit our Earth but also support economically to those involved in this business. In addition, planting gaharu trees is one of the most effective way to protect this highly demand gaharu trees that are facing overharvesting and extinction. Most importantly, planting gaharu trees is aligned with his vision – becoming friend of planet. Thus, he became more actively involved in gaharu business. This is also where he derives vision for our company – Enrich Planet, Enrich Lives.

Our gaharu plantation team